Simplified Adoption: Making The Most Of Microsoft 365 For Business

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For countless organisations the world over, Microsoft 365 for Business has been a game changer. Why? As a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity tools and services, the platform is designed to enhance collaboration, communication and efficiency within modern organisations. It provides powerful cloud-based versions of familiar applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, delivering a seamless experience across devices.


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What is Microsoft 365?


At its core, Microsoft 365 facilitates a shift from traditional office setups to a dynamic, connected workspace. It encompasses a range of applications beyond the standard office suite, such as Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration; OneDrive for secure cloud storage; and SharePoint for efficient document management and sharing.


The role of Microsoft 365 for Business in modern operations


Microsoft 365 takes on a multifaceted role in modern business operations. Firstly, it enables real-time collaboration among teams operating across different geographical locations. Secondly, Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, meaning documents and applications are accessible from anywhere at any time. This promotes flexibility in work arrangements, which is an integral plus nowadays in the context of employee retention.

Furthermore, security features like built-in compliance tools and threat defence, enhance data protection and mitigate risks. The ever-evolving platform, which integrates artificial intelligence and analytics to empower data-driven decision-making, is becoming a pivotal tool for businesses desperately trying to keep up with advancements in technology.


Understanding the applications of Microsoft 365 for Business


Microsoft 365 presents an impressive set of business applications that promote effective collaboration and increased productivity.


  • Microsoft Teams – a unified communication platform that combines chat, video conferencing, file sharing and application integration. MS Teams streamlines communication, allowing employees to collaborate seamlessly, whether they are in the same office or working remotely.


  • SharePoint – a versatile platform for document management and collaboration, which creates a more centralised, organised approach to information sharing by enabling teams to create, share and work together on content in real time.


  • OneDrive – Microsoft’s cloud storage service, which ensures that documents are accessible from any device, promotes flexibility and on-the-go productivity.


  • AI-driven applications like Microsoft Graph and Power BI – Microsoft Graph analyses user patterns to provide personalised insights, while Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool.


How Microsoft 365 enhances collaboration and productivity


The platform’s security features, including data loss prevention and threat intelligence, are designed to protect sensitive information. With human error considered to be the root cause of 90% of computer security violations, employees can understandably experience stress over the potential for accidental breaches. Therefore, having enhanced security measures in place allows teams to be more confident when collaborating within an online space.

Productivity is also enhanced by Microsoft 365 thanks to its seamless integration, accessibility and intelligent insights.


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Overcoming common challenges in Microsoft 365 adoption


Identifying and addressing adoption barriers


Change management – When businesses decide to adopt Microsoft 365, a strategic approach should be taken to identify and address any barriers that may cause issues. One such barrier is employees’ resistance to change.

To mitigate this, key stakeholders from various departments should be involved in a collaborative and phased rollout, allowing for gradual adaptation with minimal disruptions.

Comprehensive training programs should also be provided by organisations, which allow users to familiarise themselves with the new tools at hand. Emphasising the benefits that come with Microsoft 365, such as increased productivity and collaboration, can also help to win teams over.


Pre-existing systems – Integration with existing IT infrastructures can pose another hurdle. This is why careful planning and phased implementation should always be adhered to to ensure compatibility and a smooth transition. It is also essential to conduct a thorough assessment of current systems, addressing potential conflicts and dependencies before rolling out Microsoft 365.


Security concerns – Security concerns may also impede implementation. To alleviate any anxieties surrounding this pressing area, strong security policies should be put in place, while users should be well educated on best practices. Businesses should take advantage of Microsoft 365’s built-in security features, such as data loss prevention and identity management, to reinforce a secure environment.


Implementing Microsoft 365 effectively in your business


There are several steps to take to ensure that Microsoft 365 remains a dynamic and tailored solution for your business.


Customising Microsoft 365 to align with business objectives


To experience an effective implementation of Microsoft 365 within your business operations, the platform should be customised to align with specific objectives and tailored to meet distinct business needs.

One key aspect is leveraging the customisation capabilities within applications, such as SharePoint for example, which allows businesses to create custom workflows, forms and document libraries tailored to their unique processes.

Customising Microsoft Teams is equally crucial to enhance continued collaboration. Creating channels, and tabs and integrating third-party apps within Teams boosts its functionality, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with a company’s communication and project management requirements.


Tailoring Microsoft 365 to meet specific business needs


To meet specific business needs, businesses should explore Power Platform; a suite of tools within Microsoft 365 (Power BI enables the creation of custom reports and dashboards for data analysis, Power Automate automates workflows, and Power Apps allows for the development of custom applications without extensive coding).

Furthermore, aligning Microsoft 365 with business objectives involves configuring security settings, compliance features and governance policies. This ensures that the platform meets industry standards while also staying in line with the company’s regulatory requirements.


Exploring Microsoft 365 for Business: Plans and pricing


Microsoft 365 for Business offers a range of plans to cater to diverse needs. The Business Basic plan provides essential productivity tools like web and mobile versions of Office apps and email hosting. Business Standard expands on this, adding desktop versions of Office apps and more advanced features. Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes advanced security and device management capabilities.

Pricing varies based on the chosen plan and the number of users. It’s crucial to assess the unique requirements of your business to determine the most suitable plan. Small businesses may find the Business Basic plan sufficient, while larger companies might benefit from the advanced features of Business Premium.

If you’re unsure of what plan best suits your business needs, Arbelos are on hand to offer expert advice and point you in the right direction and you can visit Microsoft 365 for Business for more.


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Choose Arbelos as your provider of Microsoft 365 for Business


As a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner, Arbelos provides comprehensive support and services tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Whether you’re seeking seamless collaboration, increased productivity or enhanced security features, we are dedicated to guiding you through the entire Microsoft 365 experience.

We believe you can empower your business by leveraging our extensive expertise in Microsoft 365 for Business. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure that your transition to the platform is smooth, and your business benefits from the full spectrum of its features and capabilities.

Don’t miss out on the transformative power of Microsoft 365 – contact us today to elevate your business operations and stay ahead of the digital curve.


Making The Most Of Microsoft 365 For Business - Infographic - SM - Arbelos


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