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Experience seamless, secure, and scalable Cloud Computing with Arbelos. 

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Let Us Be Your Guide

Navigate through the digital transformation with seasoned experts, committed to delivering unparalleled cloud solutions tailored for your business.

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Cloud Solutions, Tailored for Your Business Needs.

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Server-Type Cloud Computing

Deploying virtual servers in Azure, mirroring the robustness of traditional physical servers, ensuring smooth business operations, the modern way.

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Virtual Desktop Solutions

Virtual desktop deployment through Azure, with specialist expertise in enhancing performance of graphically intense applications through bespoke configurations.

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Co-Location Services

Securely house your physical equipment with our rack space programme, complemented by a suite of additional services such as monitoring, security, and pen testing.

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Leveraging Third Party Solutions

Utilising SharePoint and Onedrive for seamless file sharing over the internet and integrating Datto’s Managed Workplace for enhanced performance and functionality.

Experience and Expertise:
Setting New Standards in Cloud Computing.

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Experience That Speaks

With over a decade in the field, our cloud computing solutions are steeped in deep-rooted expertise.
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Dual-Layered Security Oversight

A dedicated deployment team backed by a specialist data security team, ensures double the vigilance on your cloud assets.
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Jargon-Free Communication

We translate complex cloud computing narratives into comprehensible insights for you.
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Conscious Costing

Ensuring optimum value, we meticulously oversee costs without compromising the efficacy of services.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

At Arbelos, we provide a comprehensive range of cloud services, from Azure Virtual Desktop for small growing teams to full data centres. And, with decades of experience, our team of dedicated engineers make the migration and setup process smooth and pain-free.

Microsoft M365 and Azure

Tackling varied requirements through Microsoft solutions, ensuring all-round performance and comprehensive functionality.

Cloud Security

A vigilant, dedicated team that independently manages, reviews, and reports on our clients’ cloud environment, offering an additional layer of security.

Cloud Consultancy

Navigating through your needs with our rich experience and robust relationships with cloud providers, ensuring your business gets the best-suited services.

SharePoint & Enterprise File Sharing

Ensuring your OneDrive and SharePoint are optimally implemented and providing alternate file-sharing, data replication, and backup solutions outside the Microsoft stack for any business requirement.

Microsoft Teams

Guiding businesses to leverage Teams to its full potential, ensuring optimal productivity from all team members through its comprehensive suite of applications.

Why Choose Arbelos For Cloud Computing?

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Proven Cloud Migrations

Experienced handling of migrations with seamless transitions from physical to virtual servers and virtual to virtual servers.

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Focused Cloud Security

A dedicated team persistently managing, reviewing, and fortifying your cloud environment’s security.
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Expert Cloud Consultancy

Leveraging our extensive experience and strong relationships with cloud providers to assure optimal services for our clients.
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Effective Utilization of SharePoint

Maximizing the potential of SharePoint for a secure, low-cost, and high-value file-sharing solution.

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