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Azure Virtual Desktop

Unlock the power of the cloud and experience a secure desktop experience from virtually anywhere. Powered by Arbelos – Your trusted IT Support Provider since 2008.

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What is azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a cloud service that lets businesses access their desktops and apps from anywhere.

It combines the best of Windows 11 and 10 with secure, scalable cloud technology. With AVD, your team can work flexibly, while data remains safeguarded in Azure’s secure environment.

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    Benefits Of Azure Virtual Desktop:
    With Applications Across A Wide Range Of Sectors

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    Windows 10 & 11 Desktops & Applications

    The only solution fully optimised for the latest Windows versions and Microsoft 365.

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    Built-in Intelligent Security

    Proactive threat detection ensures your applications remain secure and compliant.

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    Easy Deployment & Scalability

    Simplify your infrastructure management and adapt quickly to your business needs.

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    Cost Efficient

    Utilise existing eligible licenses and pay only for what you use, reducing infrastructure costs.


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    24/7 Monitoring

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    Technical Support

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    Built-in Security

    AVD ensures both employee and company data are stored securely in Azure, leveraging top-tier security offerings like Azure Firewall, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

    Dynamic Policy Engines

    Manage access risks with conditional access and multi-factor authentication. Benefit from role-based access control and proactive threat detection via Azure Security Center.

    Compliance Certifications

    AVD is compliant with leading industry standards, including ISO 27001, 27018, and 27701, as well as PCI, FedRAMP High for Commercial, HIPAA, and more.

    Why Choose Arbelos for AVD?

    Microsoft Solutions Partner - Arbelos

    At Arbelos, we are certified Microsoft Solutions Partners and our team have decades of experience supporting thousands of Irish workers to streamline their productivity using Microsoft products.

    We have also excelled in the deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop for Irish businesses, including across some of the most challenging industries.

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    Expertise in Demanding Sectors:

    Our satisfied customers in the construction sector, a challenging arena for virtual desktops, are a testament to our expertise.
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    Cost and Performance Balance:

    We’ve mastered the balance, allowing our clients the freedom to work from anywhere and reduce high-end workstation costs.
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    Extended Modern Workplace:

    Not just for office staff, but also for high-end users.
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    Economical & Efficient:

    With Virtual Desktops, reduce the frequency of physical device replacements. Lower-end systems suffice as all processing is cloud-based.

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